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approaches america's eastern seaboard. emergency workers in the u.s. have put out a major fire at an oil platform in the north of -- in the gulf of mexico. welcome to "bbc news," broadcasting to our viewers around the world. israeli and the palestinians have held their first direct peace talks in almost two years. benjamin not in yahoo! -- benjamin netanyahu and mahmoud abbas met in washington. the two sides will meet again later this month. jeremy is in the washington. >> the motorcades brought them into the state department in washington for the latest installment in what has turned into a 20-year middle eastern saga of lost hope. in the public part of the meeting, they said negotiations to make peace one year from now would not be easy. plan was tons' always be in the room. the top diplomats said there was no time to lose. >> the core issue of the center of these negotiations, territory security, jerusalem, refugees settlements, and others, will get no easier if we wait. they will not resolve themselves. >> netanyahu said president abbas would have to recognize israel as the jewish ho
a tropical storm is moving up the eastern seaboard. we will be seeing highs in the 60's next week. >> and not a bad. thank you for joining us. be sure to join us again at 5:00. have a great day. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side. i thought i knew bob ehrlich, but then i found out... he raised property taxes on every maryland family... and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%. and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage. made $2.5 million... working for a lobbying firm. $2.5 million? he's not really on my side. with this tough economy, we really need a governor on our side. es tax on everything you buy? that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense. 23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high
morning. you can see off the georgia coast, there's earl making its way toward the eastern seaboard. we are expecting it to move will be aastrong surf nd at strong wind that we will be ddaaing withhfor the area. rest of us not too bad. %-way it should be with cleare skies for the bus stop. a rather mild stop. you will see around the area we got temperatures around the 77s. it's pretty mild all over except in oakland it's 66. headed to 93. it's anothhr hot ay today. will you feel the humidity, too. eked woo. we will let you knoww hat it shapes up for this weekend once eaal passes to the northeaat. right now let's checkkthe traffii with the lauren cooke. on the rods. nroads. as we pull thht set up..3 just yet but those ho areds traveling southbound you're look ago a 4-minute drive with an average speed f 54 miles per %-all is clear traveling through toll to thh beltway an 8-minute3 ú%ip. from tte harbor tunnel toll to 95, you're lloking at a 9-minute 54 miles per hour. that's the travels back to ou. >>> thank you, lauren. >>> hurricane earl moved speee ahead closing in onnthe easter
the eastern seaboard3 and projected to move what tt3 could be up the marva peninsula. it doesn't mean that you wee3 won't get strong wwnds to deal with along the ocean city area. highhsurf as well,,but the frontal boundary to the west may aid in its movement further -oints east. it's a category iii hurrrcane. remember yesteedaa it was a category iv, so it has weaken a little bit but a major hurricane. it has 518 miles southeast of miami florida. you will see it become a ú%terggry ii hurricane as it it has moveddfurther toward the east the tracking. nevertheless, the tropical storm if not hhrrican-force winds could be felt in the ocean ccty we re expecting 60-mile per ú%ur winds. it should ttil off to the eass but we will see some activity, it looks like for the oceanncitú area. can it move further west? it sure k but the general sendty wiltendencyywilllbe within this blue area.ú and moving up the eastern seaboard. we re checking on ffona which ú% behind it. fiona is a tropical storm ann it's a weaker storm than earl.3 -t doesn't seem o be peking up as ---picking up as much str
has formed and this thing is going to barrel at a very quick pace up the eastern seaboard. it is going to give us torrential downpours throughout the day tomorrow, heavy downpours in its six to eight hours with likely moderate to heavy rainfall. a flood watch goes in effect tonight until tomorrow evening. the rest of this afternoon, we could see some showers as we head into the evening. i have more on this system, coming up in a little bit. >> you can always track storms right down to your home and using our interactive radar. it also allows you to customize the forecast. we invite you to share your pictures and videos with us. you can find the links on our home page. right now, president obama is in iowa, back on the campaign trail trying to get democrats to the polls in november. kate amara is in washington with this report. >> good afternoon, sarah. more backyard discussions with voters about the economy. a campus rally at the university of wisconsin -- >> i don't know about you, but i am fired up. >> president barack obama trying to excite voters. >> we face another test. the stake
're on the eastern seaboard, it's going to be a soggy few days. the moisture this morning is all the way down here from the panhandle of florida up through georgia. and just streaking up the eastern seaboard. this will probably be a two or three-day event. what you see out your window this morning, be prepared for more of that as we go throughout the weekend. the rest of the country is gorgeous. a heat wave out west. chilly in the great lakes but perfect fall weather. it's just the eastern seaboard and just this flow of moisture just going south to north. you can see we even have clusters of thunderstorms now in south carolina. eastern south carolina will get drenched. watch out in raleigh. d.c., baltimore, morning. there's a lot of drizzle in new york city this morning. more of the steadier rains are down to the south. that will shift northwards during the day. if you're in especially southern new england today, make sure you have the umbrella and everywhere up and down i-95. appalachians, maybe even flooding rains over the next three days. it was 103 in l.a. yesterday. 105 in phoenix. an incredi
of it heading up the eastern seaboard. it's getting soggy down in south florida. miami will be drenched all day today and into tomorrow. the eastern coast of florida will see the heavy rain. it's going to rain all day long in the carolinas. especially the coastal areas. eventually tonight and tomorrow, it's going to work its way up the eastern seaboard. this is a stationary front in this tropical entity. it's not really a storm yet. it may never be. it's going to follow this front. if you're right on i-95 towards the coast, that's who is going to get drerched from this system. you can look at the radar this morning. the storm is down by havanna, currently over cuba heading into the florida straights. miami is getting drenched, soon up into the beaches around melbourne. then all the rain will head up into the carolinas. over the last couple of days, wilmington and areas have seen a ton of rain. serious flooding concerns into thursday and friday. notice our computers are pinpointing new jersey for very heavy rain up here into southern new england, too. the forecast for today, middle of the countr
. everyone here along the eastern seaboard watching and waiting to see exactly what earl may do next. seas not nearly as rough as they were expected to be in the next 24 to 48 hours here as the storm will likely brush the east coast, bringing severe winds, heavy rain, and the possibility that it could actually continue to jog to the west and make landfall at some point. everyone hoping that is not the case. but preparing as if it may be. preparations will continue through the weekend. that's the very latest from here. along the outer banks, i'm jay gray. lynn, back to up. >> jay, thank you. >>> a look at other stories making news early today in america. in florida, three people taken to the hospital when the car they were in ended at the bottom of the swimming pool. a 73-year-old lost control of a cadillac seville hitting a van before smashing through the fence of a nearby home. one passenger remains in serious condition. >>> this newly released surveillance video is hoped to help catch a brazen thief. a woman entered manhattan purse and swiped an unattended purse, right in the middle of s
shore, but many people up and down the eastern seaboard will feel its affects. we have live team coverage. bruce leshan is live in virginia beach. scott broom is live in ocean city where the wind anne and rain are picking up and of course howard is tracking the storm from the weather center. let's start with howard. >> the storm is staying off shore and weakening wind down to 85 miles an hour. the back edge of the rain is raining across anne arundel, eastern charles and st. mary's and calvert county but it will wind down shortly. the clouds have been back toward us keeping the temperatures at bay. in the low 80s. go to the radar and zoom in a little bit and you can see how the storm is moving in. it is almost even with cbs hictague here. i put the winds down with the radar. we will go to my night an you can see the storm had big winds. as we went through overnight they had more gusts. norfolk gusts of 28. through now, winds 32 hatteras, 22 norfolk. 28 ocean city. the winds mainly off shore. in fact this buoy here, north winds gusting to 38. that is east of fenwick island. that is
into the day tomorrow. so your forecast today, one more day of summer up and down the eastern seaboard with highs in the upper 80s. there's all the rain in texas. cool, fall like weather arriving for the great lakes. lynn, this is it for the east coast. one more hot day and then it's going to feel like fall. >> all right, phil, what are you going to do? the seasons move on. >> get the jacket ready and the tank tops put away. >> all right, phil, thanks. >>> coming up, a rude return on wall street. big breakfast plans. and what's in a word, or more currently, a nonword? your first look at this morning's business headlines is straight ahead. >>> another milestone for trevor hoffman. one blue jay is flying high and possibly the biggest loss of reggie bush's career. when i was seventeen, i was not good to my skin. long summer days, and not enough sleep. what i wouldn't do for a do-over. [ female announcer ] neutrogena® clinical skincare, exclusive ion2 complex combined with activating cream helps restore collagen depleted skin. neutrogena clinical skincare is clinically tested to undo the
as is really the entire eastern seaboard but we're were a hurricane watch from rehoboth southward. and thursday night we're looking at small craft advisory. waves 1-3 feet. and from solomon's island and south that is the only place with trouble. we'll come back and detail that and the holiday weekend forecast. >>> as topper said, earl is losing some strength but that doesn't mean folks aren't taking precautions. watches and warnings from north carolina southern border up to nova scoscia. but we're hearing about impacts from florida and massachusetts. we have reports stated in jacksonville, nags head, ocean city tonight and we begin with scott broom. >> reporter: the hurricane watch is up and officials here are preparing for tropical storm conditions. crews in ocean city put up fencing to prevent the sand burying parking lots and the boardwalk. signs and sandbags are out at spots likely to flood. some boat owners are playing it better safe than sorry. >> i think you'll see flooding downtown in the low-lying areas. we'll seitems blowing around, things that don't get secured, things as a result of
this big threatened so much of the eastern seaboard. there's already a hurricane watch in north carolina. officials are preparing evacuations. >> it's too close to the coast not to be ready to go. >> reporter: some summer tourists plan to listen. >> i've always left when they said it was coming. >> reporter: earl's glancing blow to small caribbean islands left plenty of damage, with no reports of injuries. still, it is enough to prompt preparations from the carolinas to new england. >> we're telling people keep that weather eye, set your options early, and be prepared. >> on long island people are picking up anything that could fly in hurricane force winds. on cape cod, they are hauling out boats. and police are wading into the water to steer people out of areas with rip currents remaining from last weekend's hurricane danielle. >> you can feel the undercurrent, it's strong. >> reporter: this morning president obama will participate in a call with fema about hurricane preparation. as earl continues to look as if those preparations will be needed. emily schmidt, abc news. >> the beginning
on sunday but this will be an unusual day on the eastern seaboard. >> bill, thank you. >>> unexpected unemployment, the rent-a-car war continues and the crocodile conundrum. your first look at the business headlines is straight ahead. >>> a milestone for ichiro. bautista joins an exclusive club. when i was seventeen, i was not good to my skin. what i wouldn't do for a do-over. [ female announcer ] neutrogena® clinical skincare helps restore collagen depleted skin to undo the look of a year's worth of skin aging in just 4 weeks. clinical skincare. neutrogena®. [ dog barking ] [ sniffing ] [ male announcer ] missing something? like 2 pairs of glasses for $99.99 at sears optical, with bifocal lenses for just $25 more per pair. hurry in to sears optical today and don't miss a thing. to finish what you started today. for the aches and sleeplessness in between, there's new motrin pm. no other medicine, not even advil pm, is more effective for pain and sleeplessness. new motrin pm. [ monkey cheeps ] [ male announcer ] a bath becomes even more pleasurable when you know that your water is be
for the eastern seaboard will arrive for everyone by the time tomorrow comes by. now, we have an active weather map. hermine is still producing heavy rains and flooding conditions from dallas down to austin and on the west coast, another big storm. so all of a sudden you're starting to look like fall on the weather map with a lot of strong fronts and areas of big pressure. here's the cool air rushing down through the great lakes. it will be a chilly start to your day around chicago, detroit, back to minneapolis and just that heavy rain threat down through texas all day long. look at the spin here and the swirl, sucking up the moisture in the gulf over the top of dlaks. you're going to get soaked all day. our computers are estimating at least as much as three to four inches of rain in between abilene and ft. worth. texas is soggy. enjoy one more day of summer weather with near 90 degree weather from new york to d.c. but here's that cool stuff back in the northern plains that will head to the east coast tomorrow. that's a look at the national forecast. now here's a look at the weather outside you
off the eastern seaboard. our direction. that is tropical depression -umber 16. it's going to bring a lot of in the neighborhood of 2-4 inches or so as the low pressure center makes its waa up -te eastern seaboard. wwll you watch as the showees in tomorrow night, and the morning commute tomorrow is goinn to be very tough with heavy downpours -ressure center comes out to sea, it looks like it comes inland enough that we see the heaviest ain tomorrow evening or 9:00 p.m., ou see the low shades around the rotation of the low pressure. where we get the heaviest rain, tingg hard to tell ight now it will depend on the speed in in our direccion.lbbunnary moves it looks likeeit will be a system that comes inland. as far as how much rain, this is what we're expecting for the next 24 hours. of what as yo!!watch as yoo sees expecttd to climb 2-4 inches of raii. it could be localized areas that see more than that. as a result, we ggt a flooo watch in place in the northeastern part of the state.ú fllsh-flood watch, thaa is until tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. not expecting the rain but more so
increased in strength but so far off the eastern seaboard ú% the u.s. and it's expected as we continue to watch it to stayú several hundred miles of the ú%stern seaboard.3 we will keep an eye on it, but it will miss us as it conttnues toward the eastern seaboard.3 we will watch that one as well. 84 degrees in the eastern shore today for a high temmerature,,3 winds up around 5-15 miles per hour gusting to 25. the central part of the state, about the same. the winds picking up 10-15 miles pee hour gusting higher in the afternoon. 81 degrees for the high, much like yesterday with a loo of suushineeand back to the west we go, look for a high temperature there of 78 ddgrees with mostly clear skies, also the winds3 getting gut efin thtier in the afternoon. -- gustier in afternoon. and clear skies so very comfortable. the temppratures will climb through the day. and 69 degrees is where we will head overnight for the low. we will see mostly sunny skies tomorrow for a few more clouds roll in late in the day tomorrow, and 80 degreee for the high, it shhuld be a nice pllasant afternoon. 79 degr
in portugal. hurricane earl begins pounding the eastern seaboard of the united states. the alleged corruption scandal in cricket rose, suggesting that india might be behind it. hard-line palestinian militants in conservative israeli settlers do not like what they're hearing. the first round between -- first round of peace talks between the israeli prime minister and the leader in palestine seem to have gone well, making some nervous over the prospect of compromise. they will meet every two weeks to achieve their goals. our washington correspondent has been following negotiations. >> for two hours they spoke alone. all sides agreed that the negotiations could only progress if the details remain private. the initial goal has been made public. the search for what is called the framework for agreement. >> it is not an interim agreement. it is more detailed than a declaration of principles, but is less than a full-fledged treaty. the purpose is to establish the fundamental compromises necessary to enable the parties to flesh out the agreement that will end the conflict and establish lasting peace.
the eastern seaboard as hurricane earl nears. it left its mark in the caribbean, leaving behind destruction. in joining time off along most of the east coast -- enjoying time off. lifeguards rescued and exhausted swimmer who was caught in a riptide. >> suddenly, i am really getting scared. but they got me back out. >> from the carolinas to massachusetts, beachgoers are feeling the effects. >> it felt like someone was grab a new and trying to pull you back in. then you turn around, and there are one of those big waves. >> passing into the delmarva area, which could have strong winds, but preparations need to be made. >> these storms may speed up. you may think this storm is further south, and you are further north, and it can speed up on you, and we do not want to be caught by surprise. >> there is so much talk about the impact that the damage has already been done to the bottom line according to one restaurant turncoat -- and restaurant -- according to one restauranteur. >> for more information, go to tbd.com. >>> using the same words that president bush used to declare war, president obama
it will propagate waves along the eastern seaboard. we'll see what it does. right now it's a long ways away from the eastern seaboard. low 60s now and basically looking at improving weather after a wet day yesterday. 62 in baltimore. 63 philly. 61 new york. the new york metro area and new jersey, meadowlands expecting a nice evening for that ravens game. 50s for the west. a sign of clearing skies as they've dropped back with the thermostat back to our west. you'll notice the low clouds at delmarva, eastern shore and new jersey, maybe fog mixed in. overall any clouds and fog we have will give way to clearing. we'll have a nice warm sunny afternoon. not much else going on. a quiet weather pattern but fast-moving winds carry occasional showers and clouds into the great lakes and to the north otherwise a quiet setup through this week. the way most of the summer has been despite the heat we've had to deal with. this is going to be somewhat tolerable. as we head through this week. fast-moving winds and occasional clouds to the north. otherwise a nice setup for a couple of days. including today. cleari
that water will generally get push ad long the eastern seaboard as the storm rises up along the coast. -- get pushed along the eastern seaboard as the storm rises up along the coast. our forecast is an easy one. highs well above normal, 93 in washington. changes tonight and we have changes for the weekend. most of the weekend forecast looks great. i'll have those details in a couple minutes. >> let's check in with julie wright and say good morning to her. >> good morning to you all. you will find lanes are open in each direction down at the wilson bridge. southbound 270 is where we had the crash reported south of 109 but before you reach 1 # 1 at clarksburg. traveling south out of hyattstown, so far, no problems to report. you will run up on this accident at speed so keep your eyes peeled headed south out of frederick in the direction of clarksburg. top stretch of the beltway behaving nicely between college park and bethesda. still a portion of wayne avenue blocked off between georgia avenue and colville road for police investigation due to yesterday's incident at the discovery channel buildi
across the eastern seaboard keeping things extremely hot. record-breaking temperatures from new york city to maine. you have this, you see that white? this is moisture. this is dry air. dry air has been getting in, weakening the storm a little bit. but that's a player for us coming up. i will show you that. remember that. this is the storm and what's been happening, there has been high pressure that the storm has been moving around and it's continuing to pull off to the north-northwest. we have been saying it's going to make that right-hand turn. it's exactly where the high pressure builds. and sure enough tmade this right-hand turn, that will keep it from making a direct impact across the outer banks. then we see a trough, a really strong system, the first fall air mass of the year is pulling in. this is the jet stream. these are the strongest winds we have in the atmosphere, they are going to quickly become the main steering force for the storm, pulling it off to the northeast. we will have the storm here tonight. by tomorrow night, up around cape cod and the islands. so a very quick-mo
the eastern seaboard. this will head its way towards us as we move into tonight as well as into tuesday. as we go back to the weather maps then. as i mentioned that frontal system. cool. a chance of an isolated thunderstorm tonight. same story for your monday. thunderstorms in the forecast. we are going to end up seeing all of this sticking around right through until tuesday. be prepared for that. keep the umbrella handy. drier conditions after that. will and maureen? >> thank you, gwen. >> that does it for us. fox 5 news. you know the drill. we are always on. >> keep it right here feldman is in the studios. sports extra is coming your way in just a few moments. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] bursting with mouth-watering real fruit and refreshingly blended with creamy, low-fat yogurt. mcdonald's new strawberry banana and wildberry smoothies are 100% pure sipping fun. the simple joy of real fruit smoothies. ♪ look at all this stuff for coffee. oh there's tons. french presses, expresso tampers, filters. it can get really complicated. not nearly as complicated as shipping it, though. i mean shipp
scooted up the eastern seaboard from north carolina and posed the biggest threat to cape cod. it made landfall in canada and blamed for one death there. as fox's jennifer davis reports, people in cape cod are breathing a sigh of relief. >> cape cod did take hurricane earl seriously. but the storm was barely here before it was gone. and now folks say it's time to enjoy the last holiday weekend of the summer. >> billed as a lion, earl came to new england as more of a lamb, weakening to a tropical storm and allowing 3-month-old nathan kendall to sleep peacefully through the night. >> it was okay. >> reporter: with the storm approaching many held off on holiday plans, either heading out or hunkering down. with earl's grey skies turning as blue as these bridesmaid dresses this happy couple's worries went away with earl's departure from cape cod. >> sunny and gorgeous. the breeze is excellent. couldn't ask for anything better. >> very nice. >> were you worried yesterday? >> very. >> but, hey, there is nothing you can do. you just go with the cards dealt to you. >> bride, groom and wedding p
the environment. >> okay, thanks a lot, scott. >>> people on the eastern seaboard with warned tonight to be ready to evacuate if higher education earl gets too close to shore. from north carolina to maine, people are keeping a close eye on earl. and it's projected path. even if the category 4 storm stays offshore it could cause h serious damage. emergency management teams are reviewing evacuation plans just in case. >> what scares me the most is a hurricane. there hadn't been a hurricane here on long island to this degree since 1938. >> this start ming image from the international space station shows how massive hurricane earl looks to the astronauts. >>> and the bay area chief meteorologist jeff ranieri joins us now. jeff, my mother lives on cape cod in massachusetts. i sent her a text today, are you ready? >>> it looks likes this storm system, even though it's not expecting a direct hit will give a glancing blow to a lot of the east coast. in the carolinas and long island and also, indicating cape cod looks like they could have some hurricane-force winds in the next five days. back here at home
. >> as it moves along t will just cause damage up and down the eastern seaboard. >> right along the coastal areas. but the most intense part of the hurricane should stay offshore which is good news. around here, just a mild start. 97 yesterday. we'll be back in the 90s today. it won't be quite as warm today. i think we'll have a little bit of cloud cover associated with earl moving in later today. that will hold temperatures down a little bit. not at this hour. 77 at reagan national. 74 in quantico. manassas, one of the cooler spots, 64. plenty of 70s on the map. 75 to start your morning in fredericktown. satellite-radar,ing to fine -- doing fine here in washington. cold front out west. that will drive the hurricane off and protect the east coast from the worst of this storm. doesn't mean it won't be a very intense storm and doesn't mean it won't cause problems. can you see the cloud cover starting to make its way to the outer banks. we are waiting for an advisory here any minute. you can see that is one intense hurricane. maximum winds, 140 miles per hour with sustained winds over 155. look at
the eastern seaboard. we are expecting more than four inches of rainfall. more likely in excess of 6 inches around the 95 corridor. aroundeeing a pooling the areas. coastal and flood water advisors. there is a tornado watch in effect until 1:00 p.m. for the entire area. it. name it, we have tha >> it is pretty treacherous on the roads. we have a handful of accidents. he's down by 70 at the patapsco river bridge. -- eastbound 70 from the patapsco river bridge. they are working to clear the mess now. you have to take southbound 29. those delays will get worse. they are expected to clear its at 8:00 a.m. on the outer loop topside, watch for an accident by the j.f.x. it is a police involved accidents. eastern boulevard at martin boulevard, flooding reported there. that is not the only area where we will see flooding. watch for hydroplaning as you travel out there. another accident on route 50. 70 at 29. you can see westbound getting by. the closure is expected to be there from 29 to the patapsco river bridge until 8:00 a.m. this morning. you can see the accident has been cleared from the shoul
>>> hurricane earl taking aim at the eastern seaboard. vacs will begin in parts of north carolina about 30 minutes from now. the massive hurricane could ruin millions of labor day weekend plans for many in our area. thank you for being up early with us. i'm gurvir dhindsa. let's go straight over to tucker to find out more about our weather. >> it will be another hot one today. our highs yesterday were back in the mid-90s. we'll do it again today. temperatures outside here in washington, we're back into the summertime temperatures. 77degrees right now in downtown washington. 74 at patuxent naval air station. 68 out at dulles. 66 at fed rick. a little better here off to the north and west. winchester, 66 degrees. changes from yesterday, not much of any. we'll have sunny skies today. just a cloud or two in the forecast and a possibility that, as we get into the afternoon, our winds will shift out of the south that. will increase the humidity around here a little bit. other than that, this forecast will remain the same. off to the south and east is earl and that will start to impact o
is then expected to skirt the eastern seaboard. >>> and the first face-to-face peace talks between israelis and palestinians are scheduled to begin this morning in washington. president obama says he's cautiously hopeful. >>> now to the struggling economy and one of the most hotly debated questions facing congress this fall, should lawmakers let the bush tax cuts for high income americans expire at the end of the year as president obama wants? anthony mason reports. >> reporter: the recession hit dave campbell's lumberyard in connecticut hard. letting the bush tax cuts expire, he says, would cut even deeper. >> it just takes more cash out of our business and it's less people we can hire. it's a big deal. >> reporter: many economists agree. it's a hit the economy can't take right now. >> i think if the tax cuts expire, for everybody, then we'll be back in recession, no doubt. it would be a huge policy mistake. >> while we extend middle class tax cuts -- >> reporter: president obama has proposed extending the cut for individuals making less than $200,000 and couples making less than $250,000.
massachusetts as the huge storm churns closer to the eastern seaboard. and later the president's plan "b." if the u.s. cannot broker a peace deal? time to face the pon that used to make me sneeze... my eyes water. but now zyrtec®, the fastest 24-hour allergy relief, comes in a liquid gel. zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®. it's doing season. when we grab a little spare time...and get after it. the home depot has all the right prices... and all the know how...to start making things happen... less with our wallets... and more with our own two hands. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. we're lowering the cost of updating your bathroom. with vanities starting at just 49 bucks. >>> the entire eastern seaboard is on alertd now. winds up to 145 miles an hour, hurricane earl is one of the strongest storms to ever threaten the east coast. forecasters are now broadening the areas expected to receive hurricane-forced winds. bill reid is the director of the narc hurricane center. this hurricane is getting wider, but weaker as it approaches land. what's
sustained winds of 100 miles per hour, and it is moving up the eastern seaboard. you are gonna get a lot of heavy winds. >> and a lot of wind and still some concern for that flooding like we were just talking about with brian. stay with us to see where earl is expected to hit next and what people are doing there to prepare. >> right now ren -- hurricane earl is a category two. it has sustained winds up to 120 miles per hour. we have rick leventhal in montock, new york. dawking to is talking to surfers despite the warning not to get in the water. >> not at this hour hopefully, but all day today and possibly tomorrow, once the rains start coming down it is unlikely to see the surfers. they did say they thought saturday would be the best day. local officials seem to be very prepared for this storm even though it doesn't appear to be as damaging as it once was feared it might be. they set up dozens of potential shelters in suffolk. 50 altogether with a thousand cots and a thousand blankets in each one. they have plenty of food and water for people. they set up 1600 out of state power workers
, and it is moving up the eastern seaboard. you are gonna get a lot of heavy winds. >> and a lot of wind and still some concern for that flooding like we were just talking about with brian. stay with us to see where earl is expected to hit next and what people are doing there to prepare. >> right now ren -- hurricane earl is a category two. it has sustained winds up to 120 miles per hour. we have rick leventhal in montock, new york. dawking to is talking to surfers despite the warning not to get in the water. >> not at this hour hopefully, but all day today and possibly tomorrow, once the rains start coming down it is unlikely to see the surfers. they did say they thought saturday would be the best day. local officials seem to be very prepared for this storm even though it doesn't appear to be as damaging as it once was feared it might be. they set up dozens of potential shelters in suffolk. 50 altogether with a thousand cots and a thousand blankets in each one. they have plenty of food and water for people. they set up 1600 out of state power workers and they brought in trucks and extra transform
hurricane. don't see them this strong along the eastern seaboard very often. first, i want to she you the bigger picture and the satellite-radar here in the washington area featuring sunshine for most of your day today. it will be just fine. off to the west, we have a cold front. this is going to bring is a beautiful weekend and it will also help kick earl out to sea. a major player here in the weather over the next couple of days. we'll get some clouds in here with that cold front during the day tomorrow. let's focus on earl and again, i mentioned as of 59:00 a.m. advisory, look at that, firing on all cylinders. a category four hurricane, sustained winds, 145 miles per hour. we've had reports of gusts up to about 170 to 175. you can see it racing there off to the north and west and then north and east over the next 4 hours at about 18 maridia right now. it look to be just off the cape -- at about 18 miles per hour right now. it will perhaps impact southern new england and into canada during date on saturday. it will be out of here fairly soon. we have to deal with it over the next 4
. >>> start you off with a look at hurricane earl this morning continuing to take aim at the eastern seaboard. evacuations are beginning in parts of north carolina and the hurricane could ruin labor day weekend plans for million of people including people right here in our region. >> let's take a look at exactly how things are shaping up for us here on this wednesday more than, september 1st. a live look at our nation's capital to get you started on this wednesday. >>> good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. thank you for being with us. let's say good morning to tucker barnes with a look at what is happening here. >> good morning. just getting the latest on earl. maximum winds down to 125 miles per hour. that is a category three hurricane. still a major hurricane. very dangerous. it will be approaching the mid- atlantic here during the next couple of days. let's show you vipir. it is tracking off to the north an west at about 13 miles per hour. still a very intense storm. the pressure up slightly. you can see that things have become a litt
know it has been a while in some cases since people have seen a hurricane on the eastern seaboard. how are those evacuations going? are people being complacent? >> reporter: a great point. for days they kind of lingered and waited. and i think a big part of that was all the models and forecasts saying it won't make landfall. it seem today, the intensity ratcheted up a bit. people started to ratchet up. there is only one way out of the area so there was a lot of traffic and people moving to higher ground. of course, those that didn't now as earl is moving in, the time to get out is running out. so now they have to huchker down and wait and see what happens. yes, we saw some complacency early. but today, people got the message and started moving away. >> thanks a lot. really appreciate that reporting. i know how hard it is being out there in the field. take you back quick to our computers. you can see it is expected to go up the eastern seaboard. the cape in massachusetts looks to be like the potential next area that could be hit the hardest after it passes through the carolinas. i want
of the hurricane. another course had been canceled. officials say the waves along the eastern seaboard, the dow today. . today was a different story. many vacationers still headed out to the ocean. they were greeted with a very big waves. actually occurred were on duty. summer of to the challenge to take on the surface. >> the waves were like had high. >> it works to pretty hard. it is a lot of fun. >> some 250,000 vacationers were expected this weekend at ocean city. >> your 11 insta-weather + forecast with sandra shaw. >> vehicle sky conditions with plenty of sun. -- beautiful sky conditions. we will see the temperatures really dropping below 50's overnight tonight. over 50's downtown. cloud cover well to our north. this system will not be here until the middle of the week. we will remain high and dry. we will see a slight increase in the temperature over your labor day. 77 downtown, 77 at the state fair, 75 on the eastern shore. as far as the high temperatures today, 78 degrees at the airport, 80 degrees downtown. 52 for an overnight low at the airport last night. there was obviously a reaso
along the eastern seaboard. we have the latest video of earl's path. >> this could have been much worse. just 44 hours ago earl was a category 4 storm. they are taking no chances. >> on the nantucket shoreline, the waves are getting higher. >> we will take it. >> in maize are sandbagging boston's south shore. -- inmates are sandbagging boston's south shore. >> we're expecting heavy rain. >> on long island, they are boarding up windows. the outer banks were slammed overnight and early friday. a mile per hour winds and torrential rains. >> it is almost like you are in a sandstorm. >> coastguard vessels were tossed like toys in a bathtub. the rain was relentless. >> the rain was hitting be when it so hard. >> in areas normally packed with labor day tourists, it looked like wetlands. >> all you need are the right trees to be knocked down and people will be without power. >> the surf and when currents forced beaches to close in maryland. swimmers were allowed in late in the day. >> i am not going in the water. it will kill you. >> some say they are sticking out the storm. >> north carolina g
and regional weather here's bill karins. >> it's a raw morning up and down the eastern seaboard. look at the radar. all the green on here is rain and it's plenltful from georgia, thunderstorms in south carolina, all over north carolina. on and off rain today, same with virginia. and now that the rain is starting to move northward, maryland, delaware, sunday new jersey. up and down the earn seaboard our system will be a two-day event and don't count on a lot of sunshine. the rest of the country looks pretty nice. temperatures are chilly this morning in chicago up through the northern plains. here's your forecast today. a beautiful fall crisp day from st. louis to kansas city. look at dallas, warm at 76. denver. a lot of rain, even some thorns and alorm with it possible airm airport delays. that's a look at your monday forecast. in washington, d.c. some rain this morning and that will continue through the day. as the warm front kicks north ward we may throw in a thunderstorm or two. areas in the south, same for you in atlanta. as i mentioned there's some gorgeous weather in the country
. it is causing concern up and down the eastern seaboard. >> officials are taking some preventive measures. a hurricane watch has been issued for most of north carolina's coast. even if earl does not come ashore, it is expect to bring dangerous surf and gusting wind from the carolinas and into canada. martin o'malley sat down to talk about what to expect. >> we get to the mid atlantic, we have more time, not much more time. we expect if earl stays on its current track, we could see very dangerous surf, beach erosion. w-lying roads could be impacted. >> earl is down to a category 3 storm. you cannot attract earl on the -- you can track hurricane earl on our website, wbaltv.com. >> it will then said she was raped inside her home. jennifer franciotti joins us for more on the investigation because police are asking for the public's help. they are hoping somebody saw something that will lead to his arrest. >> it is terrifying. it's a nice neighborhood. i do not know what to think. >> this is the second situation i have heard of it in the neighborhood. there was a home invasion a couple of house
the eastern seaboard. evacuations are underway for n.c.'s order banks in north carolina and south carolina they are bracing. the hurricane could reach 200 miles off of virginia beach, enough to produce minor flooding, have the wind, and a possible storm surge. forecasters don't believe it will make direct landfall. it is supposed to approach early friday. by saturday it should reach new england, where it is more likely to have a direct impact on places like cape cod. courtney robinson reporting. >> you can track girl any time tbd.com.ng onto wjla.co president obama announced an end to the u.s. involvement in iraq or anti pay tribute to the u.s. men and women fighters and said it's time to turn the page. >> the president's bill, does president bush used in 2003 to declare war on iraq and the incidents over -- and then president obama has now said it is over. >> the american combat mission in iraq has ended. >> it was not mission accomplished, but the suggestion of a promise fulfilled. >> this was my pledge to the american people was a candidate to this office. last february i announced a p
stories. a violent hostage scene ended with a deadly shot. and hurricane earl took aim at the eastern seaboard. good morning, washington. thanks for joining us on this early thursday, i am alison starling. . >> i am pamela brown. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey is in ocean city tracking hurricane earl. steve rudin is in the weather center with what to expect for the day ahead. >> looks nice for the immediate metro area. coastal flood advisory for later this afternoon. those are areas accustomed to title f. we have temperatures for the most part holding in the '60s and '70s. temperatures from north carolina although weather above network. we will show you temperatures of 75 in gaithersburg, 73 in fairfax. if the satellite and radar are quiet, but lower right-hand corner of the screen, hurricane earl pushing towards the north- northeast. we will keep up stated throughout the morning. first, let's look at the mosalla commute with lisa baden. >>> a politic in the ashburn area of virginia. it is at ashburn village boulevard. overnight road work on eastbound
approaching the east coast. warnings are posted up and down the eastern seaboard. the areas of biggest concern of the beaches. adam is standing by live in one of the communities, ocean city. what can we expect in the hours to come? >> today will be fantastic. the beach-goers are getting in the last day of sunshine. about the more effects in detail. let's give the latest -- still a major category four hurricane. look at our storms can. maximum sustained winds at 140 miles per hour, but with higher gusts. it is 300 miles south of cape hatteras. it has continued to push north. it will and direct with an upper level when flow tomorrow. that will push it off to the east and accelerate it. by 8:00 a.m. and should be positioned about 125 miles east of virginia beach, by 2:00 p.m. about 125 miles due east of ocean city. that is when we can expect some of the biggest effects. a tropical storm warning is in effect for the peninsula and the beaches along here. we have occurred came watch. -- a hurricane watch. more detail, coming up. >> thank you. amtrak announced that hurricane earl oil is impacting som
warning has been issued for the southern coast of massachusetts as people all along the eastern seaboard are bracing for the arrival of earl. president obama ordered federal agencies to coordinate relief efforts. the governors of north carolina virginia and maryland have already declared states of emergency. the category 4 storm is expected to make landfall in north carolina tonight with winds nearing 140 miles an hour and then move north from there. continental, airtran and delta are allowing passengers booked in and out of airports affected by hurricane earl to change the travel plans without having to pay a penalty. del dah's weather advisory is encouraging customers, in fact, to consider postponing or rerouting the travel to avoid possible inconvenience at east coast airports. they warn some flights may be delayed or cancelled due to storm conditions. >>> 8:41. we've been telling you about our breaking news. there's been another oil rig explosion off the coast of louisiana. we're hearing people are in the water. we have few details but we'll give you an update. >>> and the candidates
and no injuries were reported and the eastern seaboard was downgraded to a category one with max wins at 80 mi. an hour. >> it is one of the risks you take. >> the power of hurricane earl was clear in south carolina went to out men on board were urged courts to jump off just in the nick of time. the wave slammed into to. the two sailors were not injured but his bruised and shaken. >> we have more incredible pictures coming in from hurricane earl. look at these powerful than doing it sideways. this is from the wind. they got pounded by heavy winds and rain. look at the flooding in new york today. you concede the cars tried to make history. this woman is a north carolina on highway 12 and this is an fresco. she is dragging out workbench back to her home. it floated away in the middle of this. the unseal the sandbags in north carolina. >> a very different picture here fog in the foreground. art inland spots and cooler in the north they always cloying to 63 in san francisco. 74 and 85. it's continuing to cool down this weekend at least saturday this weekend and the forecast for the sea breeze mens
per hour are also likely, as the form moves up the eastern seaboard. >>> tourists can once again visit the eiffel tower. the monument was closed after a bomb scare. security fears are heightened in europe after the discovery of a plot to attack not only france, but also britain and possibly the u.s., as well. >>> president obama resumes his road trip, waking up in iowa, after a rally in wisconsin last night. he'll meet with families in des moines. and then, richmond, virginia, talking about their economic struggles, before heading back to the white house. >>> a woman who falsely claimed that a stranger had attacked her with acid is expected to plead not xlt in court later today. bethany storro accepted thousands in donations before admitting she threw the acid on herself. authorities do believe she suffers from some mental health issues. >>> and on this national coffee day, dunkin' donuts and career builder conducted a survey to see who is most in need of a morning fix. the survey said 32% of workers needed coffee just to get through the workday. the profession that needed their cup of
. igor will continue to strong high surf and strong rip currents along the eastern seaboard. >> in india, a crash has left 10 people dead. a freight train slammed into a passenger train waiting in a train station. it happened about # 0 miles south of the capital of new delhi. >>> police were called to a home on south market treat three times to break up a fight between a mand woman. officers arrived to find oliver cohen holding a rifle. police claim cohen fired a shot prompting an officer to open fire. it is not cheer which shot actually killed cohen. >>> the washington redskins fell to the houston texans in overtime despite a great game from donovan mcnabb. he passed for 426 yards but the texans won on a 35-yard field goal t came minutes after the redskins thought they had won but houston called time-out wiping with a a 52-yarder. he then missed the next kick. lindsay murphy has more. >> reporter: the second half, the redskins outscored by 0 points late in this game and the result a stunning loss to the houston texans. >> that really hurts. they escaped with a victory. they got lucky. i
so much of the eastern seaboard inspect north carolina where the rip current is already a concern, the government governor has declared a state of emergency. they've done the sat for the coastal regions of maryland and virginia. but some tourists refuse to let earl ruin their fun in the sun. >> this is our 14th year here. i'm not ready to go back to new york. >> reporter: for those that don't have a place to ride out the storm, red cross shelters are set up. >> shelter is never the best place to be living in but we'll make sure they're dry, have food to eat. >> reporter: supplies they hope won't be needed this time around. now, adding to the potential for trouble, forecasters say that tonight's high tide will coincide pretty closely with earl's arrival. the storm surge, a huge concern with a hurricane this size. i have to tell you, many residents on the outer banks, they're taking it all in stride. they tell me they're going to the way wait to see how the day develops before they board up and get out. >> hopefully they won't wait too long before it's too late. karen brown, we appr
day along a good part of the eastern seaboard. >> south florida is the area closest to the big storm that is likely to strengthen into tropical storm nicole. some residents have already laid out sandbags in preparation. tropical storm warnings are in effect for key west and south florida counties. those around major cities like miami and ft. lauderdale. >> it's moving north rapidly. accuweather's ava dinges has more. >> the latest tropical system moving for cuba. it's dropping torrential rainfall over cuba. and also, with strong, gusty winds. it's moving into southeastern florida, where miami could pick up four inches of rain just throughout the day. the storm system quickly heading up the east coast, where flooding will again be a concern, into cities like new york and philadelphia. especially into thursday. now, back to you, rob and vinita. >> thanks for that, ava. and sam champion is tracking this tropical trouble. he'll have the latest track plus live coverage from florida today, later today on "good morning america." >>> there are heightened security fears in europe this morning
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